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1. I passed the exam, where is my certificate?

When you have met all of the exam requirements for a CWNP Certification, you will receive your certificate in the mail within 2-3 weeks. Please allow a longer time for international students.

We send your certificate to the address provided to us by the testing center. If you have not received your certificate in the time frames mentioned above, please login to the CWNP Tracking System and check your address. If your address is not correct, please contact us so we can investigate. Include the complete information from your Official CWNP Exam Score Report, including your name as it is spelled on the score report, registration ID, testing ID, site ID, etc. This information will help us locate your record and determine the status of your certification.

2. How can I prove that I am a CWNP before I receive my certificate?

Log in to the CWNP Tracking System to obtain your Access Code, and provide this information along with your CWNP ID to your employer, or to prospective employers. Then they can login to the CWNP Verification System to check your certification status.

3. I received my CWNP certificate in the mail, but my name is spelled incorrectly. Can the certificate be corrected?

Yes, CWNP will issue you a new certificate if an error was made on your current certificate. Contact us, and be sure to include your CWNP ID, your name exactly as it was spelled, and the correct spelling that should appear.

CWNP issues certificates with names spelled exactly as they are registered at the testing center. If your name was registered incorrectly by your testing center, your certificate will be replaced at no charge.

4. Where can I get a CWNP logo to put on my business cards?

CWNP logos can be downloaded from the CWNP Tracking System.

5. I passed the exam(s) and meet the certification requirements, where is my CWNP Id?

Please allow up to 10 business days for us to receive your exam results and process them.

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